One By One The Penguins Steal My Sanity

Dean Ambrose + Smiling (requested by simonsgotch)

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Ambrose’s Advice - Raw Fallout

Oh lord Dean… Please do pray.


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Via I Owe Pro Wrestling



Just like old times. Haha. Dean and Roman playing monkey in the middle with Seth’s briefcase after RAW went off air.


Via I Owe Pro Wrestling


Seriously, imagine Brie getting tossed out of the back of the arena and finding Dean there, leaned up against the wall and he’s like, “You too? C’mere, lemme show you how to jimmy the lock on their car and we’ll get you into the trunk— works like a charm. Oh, and here’s some chips, because you’re gonna be in there awhile and you’ll probably get hungry.” 

Via I Owe Pro Wrestling


How adorbs! A #Charmander wearin’ a Mega #CharizardY Kigurumi. I’m thinking of redoing the first original Charmander in a onesie drawing that I made so I can actually film the process, and because I can see the difference in quality from then to now. Should be fun. Then I’ll splice all three together into one Double-Mega Print >=D. Both Charmander Mega Forms will be added to momentarily. Have a wonderful day. #itsbirdy #Pokémon #Crayola #Illustration

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